2010 Nissan Frontier Delivers Strong Roof Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently tested several small pickups for roof-crush protection. The only truck from this group to receive the highest “good” rating was the 2010 Nissan Frontier

For a vehicle to receive a “good” rating, the roof must be twice as strong as the current federal minimum. The Nissan Frontier did especially well as it withstood more than four times its weight before the roof crushed five inches, which is the gauge for all vehicle.

According to IIHS senior vice president David Ruby, the Nissan Frontier’s performance in front, side, and rollover crash tests are good.” He adds “If Nissan were to upgrade the seat design, Frontier could be a Top Safety Pick.”

The potential of a rollover is possible in any vehicle, but its a particular concern for pickups and sport utility vehicles as they have a higher center of gravity. For anyone looking for a small pickup truck that’s capable of keeping occupants safe in the occurrence of a rollover, the 2010 Nissan Frontier should certainly be on your list. Although the Frontier hasn’t been a competitive model in fleet/work applications compared with domestic trucks, the Frontier’s safety record is precisely why Fall River Nissan thinks many business owners should reconsider their truck purchases.

While pickup trucks are not widely considered the best “family vehicles” per se, Tacoma Nissan dealerships are proud to offer a midsized truck that’s suitable for a broad spectrum of consumers, and one that offers the features that families and hard working individuals will both appreciate. Hands down, the Nissan Frontier Auburn WA fits that criteria. Not only does the latest Frontier deliver safety, but Brawley Nissan also contends that the latest model hasn’t lost Nissan’s reputation for ruggedness and reliability either.