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Quake Won’t Stop The 2012 Nissan GT-R – Nissan in the News

The deliveries of the nissan best selling car 2012 GT-R will arrive in North America on time according to Nissan. Despite the earthquake and tsunami in Japan this month, the automaker expects the 620 U.S. dealers that sell the GT-R to get all of their allocated vehicles.

Already, 70 percent of the 2012 GT-Rs allocated for U.S. dealers are either in the States or are in transit. Nissan is confident that production interruptions will have a minimal impact on deliveries.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R went on sale this month at dealers like Nissan Virginia, for a sum of $90,950, including shipping. Updates for the 2012 model year include updated front and rear fascias, a new “black edition” with carbon-fiber interior trim, and the re-introduction of Launch Control, which has been renamed R Mode Start Function.

According to Rich Latek, marketing director for the model line, there’s even a chance that more GT-Rs can be allocated to dealers like Nissan Dealer San Jose.

“There is some wiggle room,” he says. “We can ask for more production, but we can’t just turn the plant on like we can with the Sentra. This is a supercar, and we want to control distribution.”