All-New Nissan Leaf Arrives In UK Showrooms

The first delivers of the 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf have begun in the UK. As the first all-electric mass produced, affordable family car, the Nissan Leaf has been eagerly anticipated by consumers in the UK.

The first two Leaf customers, Smooth FM DJ Mark Goodier and electronics engineer Richard Todd, already took delivery of their EVs. Both are excited about the practicality of electric vehicles.

“The great thing about electric cars is that the fuel distribution is already in place. We all have mains electricity at home,” said Smooth FM Radio DJ Mark Goodier. “We have it at work and councils are already working on how to install thousands of charging points at the roadside. You can see why EVs make such sense, particularly in towns and cities.”

With a range of about 100 miles, the Leaf can accommodate most drivers in their daily commute. Unlike a high-mileage hybrid vehicle, an EV delivers absolutely no tailpipe emissions.

“As an engineer I have always wanted an electric car – I’ve just had to wait for the battery technology to arrive. Hybrids are good but the driving experience of an all electric vehicle is way beyond this. Of course, the lack of emissions in town is a big positive too,” said silicone chip designer Richard Todd.You can read more about nissan electric car reviews in the previous post.

Paul Willcox, Managing Director at Nissan Motor GB, was on hand to witness the handover of the first Nissan LEAFs in the UK. He commented: “The Nissan LEAF is pioneering the electric car revolution in the UK. We first unveiled the car in August 2009 and we’ve been building up to this moment for over 18 months. Today’s deliveries mark the start of the introduction of the Nissan LEAF to customers across the country as our network of EV dealers will be delivering LEAFs to their pioneering customers later this week.”

At this time, the Leaf is only built in Japan. Sites for future production of Nissan EVs include Smyrna, Tennessee, in the United States and Sunderland, England, in the UK.