Altima Named One of 2013’s Most Important All-new Debuts

According to Karl Brauer, editor in chief of “The average American consumer is driving an 11-year-old car. A huge slice of the public has held off on replacing their vehicles because of economic uncertainty. That means an unprecedented level of pent-up demand.”

“This will eventually lead to a flurry of sales as consumers replace their worn-out cars with new ones.”

Of course, Brauer and also have a good idea of which automakers will be best prepared to handle this blizzard of buyers, and they definitely include Nissan—a brand that saw its thoroughly redesigned 2013 Nissan Altima named to the website’s list of Top 10 All-new Cars for 2013.

In adding the Altima to the roster,—a quickly growing online resource for U.S. auto shoppers—reported that, “For 2013, [the Altima] weighs 100 pounds less than the outgoing version and can achieve up to 38 mpg. Nissan Newton, MA believes these traits should make this mid-size family sedan appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers.”

But Nissan Dealer Seattle said there’s much more to the new Altima than its eye-popping EPA numbers (which also include marks of 27 mpg city/31 mpg combined to go with that best-in-class highway performance). Nissan designers have deployed an aggressive new look with Nissan’s mid-sizer, featuring a bold grille and sleek, flowing lines that provide excellent, efficiency-enhancing aerodynamics. There’s also plenty of technology aboard, even in the $21,500 entry model. From a standard Bluetooth setup to Active Understeer Control, the new Altima lives up to Nissan’s “innovation for all” right out of the box.

And it’s living up to expectations, too. Now available at Nissan dealerships like Oregon Nissan Dealers. “Sales of the all-new Altima sedan—the most innovative Altima ever—helped propel Nissan car sales to the best July on record,” said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager of the Nissan Division in the U.S.