Family Buys Both A Nissan Leaf And A Chevy Volt

The electric vehicle revolution is here thanks to the launch of the all-electric Nissan Leaf, as well as the Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV. Both vehicles promise to reduce the reliance on gasoline, but consumers are expected to choose one over the other when it comes time to make a purchase. However, one family ended up purchasing both models.

So far, Nissan has sold 173 Leafs through February while GM has sold 928 Volts. Among the buyers of these vehicles was Felix Kramer, founder of Kramer was so passionate about supporting the adoption of electric vehicles that he decided to purchase both of these vehicles.

Kramer and his wife Rochelle Lefkowitz live near San Francisco, a market where both the Leaf and Volt are currently on sale.

“Having both cars is a double dream come true after a decade’s advocacy for plug-in vehicles.” Lefkowitz says. “They’re a great pair, both regular cars with great handling and pep. We use the slightly more efficient five-seater Leaf for most local driving. When we head out of town or expect to exceed the Leaf’s 80-mile range – or when we both need to drive – we use the Volt.”

When asked which vehicle was better, the couple is very diplomatic and seem more impressed by the technology and promise of both vehicles. Kramer says, “The real competition is between the electric mile and the gasoline mile. Automakers are just showing what they can do with plug-in cars, and the Volt and Leaf, plus new models from Ford, Toyota and Honda will lead many more drivers to switch.”