Marketing Campaign For The 2012 Nissan Versa Kicks Off

As the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan arrives at dealerships nationwide, the automaker is launching the multi-platform “Most _____ per dollar” marketing campaign. The campaign will focus on how the car outperforms the competition in a number of crucial areas.

According to Nissan Connecticut, elements of the campaign include a new “First Person” digital experience designed to bring the best-in-class roominess to life. Providing an immersive experience using iPad 2 gyro technology, viewers are placed inside the Versa.

“Unlike other automakers that have built mobile applications constrained by platform and device limitations, Nissan is one of the first to deliver an immerse, browser-based experience leveraging the gyroscope technology,” added Brancheau. “Though optimized for iPad and iPhone, it can live anywhere from desktops to tablets and even Internet TV. Rather than just talking about best-in-class interior space, digital proves it.”

Additionally, according to Nissan Versa Dallas, Nissan will also include a number of interactive social promotions, including an innovative way to take fans on the road with the new Versa Sedan. Nissan Dealers MA said that Facebook users can create their own trips by selecting their routes and inviting their Facebook friends to come along. They can then submit their trip, tell Nissan why their online journey should be made into a real one, and share it with their social networks.

“Our target Versa buyers, in their mid-to-late ‘20s, are in unique places in their lives and careers – which are sometimes tumultuous as they settle into first real jobs,” said Brancheau. “Their financial priorities and new time commitments make being with old friends who have dispersed to other cities a strictly online endeavor. The ‘Versa Road Trips’ campaign gives them a chance to get reconnected in person and relive old times, bringing the online offline.”