Nissan, General Electric Team Up For Vehicle Charging Stations

Nissan Leaf Charging imageOne of the biggest hurdles for electric vehicle makers and buyers is the lack of public infrastructure currently available to support them. Luckily, for those considering a Leaf or Volt, a new partnership between Nissan and General Electric is geared at tackling that challenge.

The new joint project between Nissan and GE will be aimed at developing EV charging stations that are both practical and accessible. The other goal is to provide recharging power without straining the electric-power grids. Availability of charging is one of the biggest questions potential EV drivers have, Seattle Nissan dealership says.

“Together with Nissan, we will take a comprehensive look at what technologies will be needed in the car, on the grid, and at home or work to make smart charging a reality,” said Mark Little, director of GE Global Research.

In addition to recharging stations in public spaces, utility companies are also devising systems that can recharge EVs at home more quickly than traditional 110-volt household outlets. Quick, at-home recharging is important to consumers with busy lives, according to Nissan dealer VA

“Nissan’s vision is to realize zero-emission mobility through a holistic approach by collaborating with various partners in a broad range of industries,” said Shunichi Toyomasu, corporate vice president, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “Working with GE, we expect this joint research project will provide insight for the home/building and electric grid connections which supports electric vehicle.”

The Nissan Leaf will become available later this year in Japan, Europe, and here in the U.S. The Leaf will be able to travel 100 miles on a full charge.