Nissan Introduces Dual Injector Technology

Nissan has been focusing its efforts on developing a number of fuel savings technologies in recent months. Part of this research and development will yield the automaker’s first electric car which should go on sale by 2012. Additionally, Nissan has developed a Dual Injector system which will likely improve fuel efficiency in compact gas-powered engines.

This new Dual Injector will be a unique fuel delivery system that will use an additional fuel injector per port, rather than a single injector per cylinder. Yuma Nissan dealers say that the end result will be increased fuel vaporization as well as reduced hydrocarbon emissions.

Nissan’s new Dual Injector system is specially designed for mass produced gas-powered cars. The system will reduce the size of fuel droplets released into the cylinder, which Tacoma used Nissan dealers suggest will make combustion more stable. The system will also include continuous valve timing to improve efficiency.

While Nissan perfects this new Dual Injector system, other automakers have also been focusing on fuel injection and how it impacts fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most popular trends is utilizing direct injection technology according to Nissan Parts Yuma, but some may argue that the application of such technology on small displacement engines is not cost efficient.

Although it’s not yet known which specific models will receive this technology first, look ford Nissan’s Dual Injector system to be featured on models as early as next year.