Nissan Introduces ‘Pure Drive’ Halo Car

Nissan has just unveiled the Micra DIG-S, which promises to offer one of the lowest CO2 emissions figures of any gasoline-powered vehicle, just 95 g/km.

Powering the Micra DIG-S is a 1.2-liter engine that uses the Miller cycle and direct gasoline injection to raise the compression ratio to 13 to 1 for greater combustion efficiency. It also employs a supercharger for instant throttle response and added power. The engine not only produces extremely low emissions, but it also delivers diesel-like fuel economy – around 57 miles per gallon.

“Ultra low emissions with no compromise when it comes to drivability means the Micra DIG-S sets new standards for the current generation of city cars. No other petrol-powered compact hatchback can match its overall efficiency… and it is more than a match for an equivalent diesel,” said Pierre Loing, Vice President Product Strategy and Planning, Nissan International SA

The Micra DIG-S is an important product driving Nissan’s Pure Drive strategy. That strategy is focused on reducing emissions through the use of innovative technology, including improved internal combustion engines like the one found in the Micra DIG-S. But Pure Drive is also fueling the development of zero emission electric vehicles like the all-new Leaf

“Nissan is just as committed to reducing emissions from cars powered by the internal combustion engine as it is to developing new zero emission electric vehicles. The Micra DIG-S showcases how far our engineers have come.”

The Nissan Micra is not due to come to the U.S. market any time soon. However, you can expect to see Nissan’s Pure Drive technology to reach U.S. showrooms in the near future.