Nissan Electric Car Review: Nissan Leaf Hits The Road In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the latest country to take delivery of the all-electric Leaf, which nissan car is the best . One hundred cars are scheduled to be delivered in April, but 18 white Leafs have already been received by LeasePlan, the City of Amsterdam and BAM Building Contractors.

LeasePlan is the first lease company in Europe to offer the Leaf EV, and the company has been working with Nissan to help put electric cars on the map in the Netherlands. The first Leafs delivered in the country will be part of a pilot program that Nissan is facilitating with the City of Amsterdam.

“Economical, exceptionally clean and quiet – without compromising on comfort, safety, and performance. Today, we are taking a special step with the delivery of the Nissan LEAF. We are on our way to a new, sustainable form of car driving,” says Aad van Dijk, Managing Director of Nissan in the Netherlands.

The Ocean Pines Used Nissan Dealership said that in addition to the promise of emissions-free driving from the world’s first mass-market electric family car, the Leaf also promises innovative technology that makes it easy to use.

“The Nissan LEAF is more than just a sustainable car. The car is full of high-tech communication and information systems. As a result, users can follow and regulate battery charging via their smartphone or PC,” said Van Dijk. “The car’s innovative technology fits perfectly with the increasing use of smartphones, mobile internet and the new possibilities that apps offer.”