Nissan Promotes Sustainability With Urban Green Lab

This week Nissan announced it would donate up to $375,000 to support Nashville’s first community center for sustainability. By partnering with Urban Green Lab, Nissan will help the non-profit construct a state-of-the art green building and learning complex.

Urban Green Lab will break ground on the new community center in 2012. The complex will be the one of the first platinum-certified LEED buildings built in Tennessee, and it will showcase green design, interactive displays and a working community garden.

“This is an historic day in Nashville,” said Dan Heller, co-founder and president of Urban Green Lab. “As Nissan joins us as our founding partner, we are sending a message that different parts of our community can come together to support an innovative project that will help our city, protect the environment and change lives for generations to come.”

In addition to educating students and adults on topics like energy efficiency and urban agriculture, the center will also be equipped with electric-vehicle charging stations compatible with the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first all-electric, zero-emission vehicle.

“When Nissan learned about Urban Green Lab’s innovative approach to creating a more sustainable community here in Middle Tennessee, we knew it was a great fit for us,” said Bill Krueger, vice chairman, Nissan Americas. “Today, we’re encouraging others throughout the community to join in supporting Urban Green Lab’s unique commitment to the environment, education and humanitarian aid.”