Nissan Pushing Small Car Initiative in South America

Nissan has recognized that being competitive in the current economic environment means it needs small cars to compete with at home in Japan with its Japanese and Korean rivals. But like other automakers, Nissan is also focusing its efforts in developing markets as well where small cars could mean huge profits.

South America is one of Nissan’s target markets. The automaker is planning to bring small cars from China, India, Mexico, and Thailand to South American countries where Nissan hopes to boost its market share. While American automakers have found success in the developing South American auto market, Washington Nissan note that few Japanese automakers have been active in the region. Nissan is therefore hoping to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Nissan has made effort in Latin American, however it has been modest. Currently, Nissan’s market share in Mexico is at a commendable 20 percent, which is no surprise to Nissan Parts Hartford considering Nissan’s prowess throughout North America. However, Nissan’s market share in Brazil is less than one percent. To change this, Nissan is planning to promote vehicles riding on its low-cost compact A platform. The small cars will be assembled in Renault facilities and will be geared especially towards Argentina and Brazil.

The push into South America may result in an all-new compact vehicle for Nissan. Built in India, the car will be priced in the neighborhood of $3,000. Affordable compacts appear to be the key to success in the current automotive climate. In addition to the seeing potential in South America, Nissan is also focusing small cars in the States. At Framingham Nissan dealers, the newest compact, the Nissan Cube, has already received plenty of attention.