Nissan To Build Solar-Powered Car-Charging Station

In an effort to show its commitment to electric vehicles, Nissan is planning to build a solar-assisted auto charging station at its U.S. headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. This 300-square-foot facility would be able to charge 18 EVs and would use a solar panel array to help charge the vehicles.

Nissan already uses several charging stations at its headquarters, but none incorporate the use of solar power. The proposed station would be the first step in an effort to build more vehicle charging stations throughout the U.S. next year.

“Ultimately, there will be a way that the public can use it,” said John Harris, director of facilities, environmental and systems engineering at Nissan North America. “We don’t want to have our toys and not share them, if you will.”

While it will use solar power, the charging station will ultimately operate like any other type of charging station. Nissan also plans to use the station for research and will collect data on its usage.