Nissan’s 40th Anniversary 370Z is NOT Enough: Nissan and BRE Racing Creating One More Special Edition

Forty years later, the Z has been deemed a huge success for Nissan, selling over 1,685,000 models from five different generations over that time. Entering their 40th Anniversary, Nissan previously introduced their own 40th Anniversary 370Z, which is quite an impressive car! Strangely enough, that wasn’t enough. Nissan has announced a partnership with Peter Brock, John Morton and Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) to build another special edition 370Z.

The timing couldn’t be better for Nissan, as the second version of their 40th Anniversary 370Z is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Z’s first national championship – selling as the Datsun 240Z – taking place at Road Atlanta back in 1970. Limited edition models help raise the Z’s profile, Nissan Bellevue says

The new edition will be based off the Nismo 370Z but contains some special differences from the others in the 370Z lineup. For starters how about a Nismo suspension, strut tower bar, body dampers, and Rays 19-inch forged aluminum-alloy wheels. Expect the BRE 370Z to be a hit at the tracks, as well. Built to the current SCCA T2 regulations, Winnipeg Nissan says to keep an eye out for the BRE 370Z on the track in late 2010.

“Because the 370Z has strong, sculpted shapes, I was able to make the livery even bolder and more aggressive,” said Peter Brock. “It was good to be in the paint booth working out the details of the design. I look forward to seeing it in a race track setting at The Mitty.”

While yet another special edition Z car may seem like a bit too much, Nissan Beverly MA sees the long and distinctive history of the Z to be worthy of such an honor. The BRE 370Z will be officially unveiled April 29 in Atlanta at a special BRE Reunion dinner.