Nissan’s Green EV Will Be In The Black

Advanced automotive technologies, such as the technology behind the new generation of electric vehicles, are costly to consumers as well as the manufactures. But Nissan is so confident in the success of its upcoming Leaf EV that by the end of this year Nissan expects to make money on the small five-door car.

Nissan is basing its optimistic outlook on the 25,000 orders for the Leaf that are expected to be placed by the end of 2010 in the U.S. lone. Meanwhile, other markets such as Japan are also on track to hit their order targets as well.

“We are on a double time march (for launch),” said Mark Perry, Nissan’s North America director of product planning and strategy. “We are on our way to have 25,000 firm orders by December.”

The Nissan Leaf will be launched in limited markets in the U.S. this year. Nationwide sales are slated to begin in 2011. Prices for the Nissan Leaf will begin at $32,780 or $25,280 with a federal tax-credit.