Video: Distillery Powers Nissan Leaf With Malt Scotch

Nissan Leaf powered by whiskeyMark Reynier is the proud owner of the award-winning 130-year old Bruichladdich whiskey distillery in Scotland. Because he uses an innovative Biowayste system, which allows him to generate his own electricity by using waste products from the distilling process, Reynier’s distillery is completely self-sufficient.

And, now that Reynier has taken delivery of his very own 100% electric Nissan Leaf, he’s able to charge it using the electricity produced by the distillery.

“The Leaf is fantastic to drive. It was frustrating to be making such strides in being self-sufficient, when my car still needed the most expensive diesel in the UK from the mainland,” said Reynier. “The arrival of the Leaf has allowed me to be as truly self-sufficient as possible.”

To celebrate the role played by the Leaf, Nissan and Bruichladdich have teamed up to produce a Leaf-labeled organic whiskey, which will be produced on a limited run. Since the Bruichladdich whiskey distillery has had a long tradition of innovation, he’s excited to team up with Nissan to promote zero-emission mobility.

Mr Reynier said: “We are not eco-warriors but we wanted to see how we could do our part. Most schemes along these lines are hare-brained and have little commercial merit, but this one does. Though the technology has existed since 1860, only now is it economically viable on this small scale.”

“Mr Reynier’s case goes to prove that sustainable motoring is a very realistic proposition,” said James Douglas, Nissan’s Corporate Sales Director. “He is one of the many businessmen discovering that the Nissan Leaf can bring very real financial benefits to his company.”

According to Nissan Dealers MD, the Nissan Leaf is similarly trail-blazing in its innovative use of green technology. Featuring a range between charges of approximately 100 miles, the Leaf is also a versatile family hatchback that also provides award-wining safety and affordability.

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